Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here`s a cover for a big,grand webcomic type thing I wanted to do.
Well,I still want to do it,I suppose,but I`m leaving all these digital comic projects for the moment to try and knock out some photocopied one page freebies and the like.

I`m gonna get properly stuck in during the Christmas break and try and put out a book,as well.


Anonymous said...

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Liam Geraghty said...

Like the look of this Luke. Get to it!

luke f said...

Arf,arf,arf.Haven`t gone through the "unmoderated"comments in ages.
Most of it`s common Chinese spam but this Viagra gem made me chuckle so I might as well post it.

Mweh,Liam,I dunno.I like the idea but I`d much rather knock out a few photocopied yokes for the moment.Besides,when I`m stuck I can`t wipe my arse with a computer screen.Always plan ahead.