Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Phil Barrett sent me this amazing note a few weeks back.Looking at Phil`s original art is a joy.His clean,confident brushwork puts my fecky little pen lines to shame.

I`m still stuck without a scanner but fortunately Phil scanned in the B+W art before he posted it.So,here`s the black and white version for you idiots to leer at.

He actually coloured it nice n` purty with lovely sepia/rusty tones after he scanned it but there`s no way for me to post it here.So feck yiz.


Aidan Courtney said...

That is class.

Colm Griffin said...

Got a couple of your comics from the fair at the food depot. I like your stuff. Keep up the good work

luke f said...

Cheers,Colm.Thanks a million for picking them up!