Friday, September 4, 2009


Here`s a little snippet from Waiting Room,scanned in by Phil Barrett.

€1 in SubCity and the Crow St Shop.Still not in Forbidden Planet because I`ve been too busy schoolin` for the past week.

But I`m seriously thinking about whether I should even bother,since much more of my comics sell at conventions rather than shops and even then I sell much more to women(God only knows why,must be because I`m so devilishly handsome)which,not meaning to be sexist here,isn`t really the target audience of Forbidden Planet.

Even Irish comic readers aren`t really the target audience of FP.I`ve never gone into FP with the intention of buying Irish comics(which isn`t FP`s fault at all,of course).I go in to buy American stuff because they have the best selection of comics from the U.S of A,which is fair enough.That`s how they make their money.

So,really,is it worth my while?If a sizeable number of FP`s customers are anything like me then they`ll go in to buy American comics and maybe an Irish comic with the same sensibilities as US comics("DubCity Comics"for instance.Great read,by the way)and will pass by a tiny Luke F book because it wouldn`t interest them.Which is fair enough as well.If they want to read little fecky yokes like mine they`ll go to SubCity or the shop on Crow St.

If anyone wants to add anything,leave a comment or email me or whatever.I`m interested in hearing other people`s views on this.Also,I should add this isn`t an anti-Forbidden Planet thing.I go there all the time to buy US comics and the like.I`m just debating whether it would be the best place for me to get comics sold in or not.


Bob Byrne said...

yeah bro, all they care about is Batmans cape and Aunt Mays nappy. Sell your shit on the web

luke f said...

Jesus,took a long while for me to get around to post this comment.Sorrrrrrrrry,Mistah B.

But you`re right,my stuff has no crossover appeal for the comicshop heads.Maybe I should draw in little capes and eyemasks on every
character then sit back and watch the money flow from my taps.