Friday, September 18, 2009


Here`s one of the pages I drew up for the 24 Hour Comics Day anthology book yoke that`ll be out for the event in the Central Hotel in October.
I`ll only show the first page so this post isn`t too spoilerific.

Drawn with the wacom in GIMP.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Head on over to cartoonist(and scanner!)extraordinare Phil Barrett`s blog to gawk at the note wot I drew.

And then gawk at the notes drawn for/by Phil by people with talent.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Here`s a little snippet from Waiting Room,scanned in by Phil Barrett.

€1 in SubCity and the Crow St Shop.Still not in Forbidden Planet because I`ve been too busy schoolin` for the past week.

But I`m seriously thinking about whether I should even bother,since much more of my comics sell at conventions rather than shops and even then I sell much more to women(God only knows why,must be because I`m so devilishly handsome)which,not meaning to be sexist here,isn`t really the target audience of Forbidden Planet.

Even Irish comic readers aren`t really the target audience of FP.I`ve never gone into FP with the intention of buying Irish comics(which isn`t FP`s fault at all,of course).I go in to buy American stuff because they have the best selection of comics from the U.S of A,which is fair enough.That`s how they make their money.

So,really,is it worth my while?If a sizeable number of FP`s customers are anything like me then they`ll go in to buy American comics and maybe an Irish comic with the same sensibilities as US comics("DubCity Comics"for instance.Great read,by the way)and will pass by a tiny Luke F book because it wouldn`t interest them.Which is fair enough as well.If they want to read little fecky yokes like mine they`ll go to SubCity or the shop on Crow St.

If anyone wants to add anything,leave a comment or email me or whatever.I`m interested in hearing other people`s views on this.Also,I should add this isn`t an anti-Forbidden Planet thing.I go there all the time to buy US comics and the like.I`m just debating whether it would be the best place for me to get comics sold in or not.