Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Here`s a little headshot of character I was thinking of using in a kind of picture book with a twisted slant.

I`ve kinda dumped that idea because:
a)it`s harder than I thought.
b)Ronan Kennedy already beat me to it,in a way.His new picture book,"What Is It?"is feckin class and my wee "Rush Harris Adventure Book" would look depressingly crap beside it.
But,who knows,I might well find myself doing it as a comic instead of a picture book in the future.

In other news,that Summer Edition yoke this year was class.It`s where I picked up "What Is It?"(I don`t know if Ronan`s gonna sell a few copies through the comic shops or whether it was just an Edition special)as well as a few other goodies.
Although,I did get a larf a few days back when I clicked on my name in the "link" section of the Edition Arts site,and it led to the blog of another bloke called Luke F talking about his guitar!I don`t mind,though,since I put this blog address on all of my books and stuff so anyone who`s interested should find me easily enough.

Also,I`m three pages in with my new comic,Waiting Room,which should be out before the end of Summer.I know I used the name in a story in LFC#1 but that one was shite and this one has a different story.It`s what the original Waiting Room should have been.Waiting Room 2.0,if you will.

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