Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here`s just a little sketch I was knocking away at on the computer.Everytime I`ve ever set foot in a pub,there`s always without fail an aul lad like this somewhere...

Also I probably won`t get a chance to post again before this weekend so just a quick reminder that "Summer Edition 09" is on this Saturday at the Filmbase in Temple Bar.
It`s free in so if you`re around Dublin pop your head in.
It`s also run by three of the soundest people in Irish comics(not me,I`m a prick)
Phil Barrett,Paddy Lynch and Katie Blackwood.


Also,I have a follower!And not just any follower but Aidan Courtney who put together RiRĂ¡,an Irish language comic anthology with work by Bob Byrne,Alan Nolan and Dec Shalvey.
I remember a few weeks before the Summer break,I saw a copy of the RiRĂ¡ sample ish on the desk of my maths teacher!

Cheers Aidan!


Robbie said...

Heya Luke,
Nice meetin' ya yesterday! Love your Tweet comic! Robbie

Aidan Courtney said...

No problem at all Luke. Like what you're posting up. Heard you were at the zine thingy and met Muireann (at least I think it was you) am getting the copy she bought off ya (hope it was you now) cause I want to have a look at it.

Aidan Courtney said...

Oh yeah meant to ask what's the teacher's name and what school might as well throw one his or the school's way too. Sure email it onto me.

luke f said...

Glad ye liked it.And sorry for calling you Ronan,by the way!

Aidan,Yeah that was me.Hope you enjoy.
And I`ll send you an e-mail now.