Monday, June 29, 2009



Stephen Mooney,nice man that he is,posted up a sketch of #24 that I sent him on to the Eclectric Micks blog!
Check it out now before he comes to his senses and takes it back down!


Oh,and if you`re not already watching The Venture Bros(where #24 comes from)then START!

Also,I think it might well be the biggest exposure of one of my doodles...the Micks blog has about 60 followers,and I`d imagine there are a fair few people who aren`t "followers" but still check in regularly.
My blog certainly doesn`t have 60 steady readers(I`d imagine there`s about two,including me)and the most I`ve ever printed of my work is 60 copies of Tweet and I still have most of them in my room.
So,I`m pretty sure that Mooney just put my work in front of more people than I ever could`ve.
So,thanks again,Moonman!

Also,I think(I may be wrong)that it`s the first non-Micks doodle that`s been posted there!Sweet Jeeezuz

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