Monday, May 25, 2009


Arghh.This sort of ran into a deadend,so here`s a few of the frames of the never-to-be-finished Bigfoot animation yoke I mentioned a while back.I`m working on a new one(no Bigfoot in this one)I`m hoping to have finished for the ComicCast`s birthday sometime in July.

(the frames should be read from bottom to top)

Friday, May 8, 2009


check out the latest installment of Spazzmoid,Bob Byrne`s fantastic webcomic,to see my little rendition of everyones favourite spermy uncle.

Also,I drew the other piece here as a panel for a new comic which should be out soon.That is,if the story I had laid out wasn`t EXACTLY like Last Bus by Paddy Lynch!So that`s been scrapped,but I have a fair few ideas rattling around in the aul` brain box...

Speaking of Paddy Lynch,I stumbled upon him,Phil Barret,Katie Blackwood,Ronan Kennedy and Bobby Byrne himself eating couscous and playing Scrabble at the Black Market in the Seomra Spraoi last Sunday.Business seemed to be steady enough and there was plenty of interested folk having a gawk at the goods.

It`s always great to see comics getting into the hands of people who wouldn`t normally go into comic shops or conventions.Also Paddy,Phil and Katie are getting a small press yoke in Temple Bar together for July.It sounds pretty class.