Friday, February 6, 2009


Check it muthas,

I knocked out the new header in 15 mins with the Wacom.Wasn`t really all that happy with the old one.

Anyhoo,I`ve another comic in the works right now.It`s only a little yoke like Luke F Comics #1 (but MUCH MUCH better than LFC#1,in that it`s not,y`know completely shit...)and I`m hoping to have it ready to go for the 2D Festival in Derry this June.

Also,I`ve been messing around with using monsters and such in illustrations.It`s my own lazy fallback for illos:If you want the reader to instantly get that someone(or something)is a horrible prick,all you have to do is caricturise them as monsters or hideous.Newspaper cartoons used to do it all the time when talking about politicians and the like.
Just look at this post`s illustration to catch my drift(it`s about that sham of a budget,if you live in a cave).


Will Sliney said...

I like this new grpahic stle thing youv got going on Luke

Will Sliney said...

graphic style that should say, jeasus

luke f said...

I`ve always loved those bitchin` headers on yer blog so thanks a million,S-Dawg.