Saturday, December 19, 2009


Jayyyyysis,I`m terrible at the aul` blogging.Haven`t been on in ages.

For Christmas,and to make up for being a crap blogger,here`s a few never before seen
(and never to be finished)bits and bobs.Enjoy!

Oh,and be sure to check out the deadly n ew blog,Come Here To Me,started by my brother and some of his mates.Interesting articles about life and culture in Dubb-el-in town.

Friday, November 20, 2009


This Sunday.I`ll be there peddling my filth.Come along and help yourself to a tiptop selection of independently produced zines,comics,etc.

More details here

Paddy Lynch did a deadly poster for it that`s well worth checking out on his blog.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Phil Barrett sent me this amazing note a few weeks back.Looking at Phil`s original art is a joy.His clean,confident brushwork puts my fecky little pen lines to shame.

I`m still stuck without a scanner but fortunately Phil scanned in the B+W art before he posted it.So,here`s the black and white version for you idiots to leer at.

He actually coloured it nice n` purty with lovely sepia/rusty tones after he scanned it but there`s no way for me to post it here.So feck yiz.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here`s a cover for a big,grand webcomic type thing I wanted to do.
Well,I still want to do it,I suppose,but I`m leaving all these digital comic projects for the moment to try and knock out some photocopied one page freebies and the like.

I`m gonna get properly stuck in during the Christmas break and try and put out a book,as well.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Here`s one of the pages I drew up for the 24 Hour Comics Day anthology book yoke that`ll be out for the event in the Central Hotel in October.
I`ll only show the first page so this post isn`t too spoilerific.

Drawn with the wacom in GIMP.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Head on over to cartoonist(and scanner!)extraordinare Phil Barrett`s blog to gawk at the note wot I drew.

And then gawk at the notes drawn for/by Phil by people with talent.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Here`s a little snippet from Waiting Room,scanned in by Phil Barrett.

€1 in SubCity and the Crow St Shop.Still not in Forbidden Planet because I`ve been too busy schoolin` for the past week.

But I`m seriously thinking about whether I should even bother,since much more of my comics sell at conventions rather than shops and even then I sell much more to women(God only knows why,must be because I`m so devilishly handsome)which,not meaning to be sexist here,isn`t really the target audience of Forbidden Planet.

Even Irish comic readers aren`t really the target audience of FP.I`ve never gone into FP with the intention of buying Irish comics(which isn`t FP`s fault at all,of course).I go in to buy American stuff because they have the best selection of comics from the U.S of A,which is fair enough.That`s how they make their money.

So,really,is it worth my while?If a sizeable number of FP`s customers are anything like me then they`ll go in to buy American comics and maybe an Irish comic with the same sensibilities as US comics("DubCity Comics"for instance.Great read,by the way)and will pass by a tiny Luke F book because it wouldn`t interest them.Which is fair enough as well.If they want to read little fecky yokes like mine they`ll go to SubCity or the shop on Crow St.

If anyone wants to add anything,leave a comment or email me or whatever.I`m interested in hearing other people`s views on this.Also,I should add this isn`t an anti-Forbidden Planet thing.I go there all the time to buy US comics and the like.I`m just debating whether it would be the best place for me to get comics sold in or not.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


..Well,tommorrow.It`s B+W,12 pages of art with a heavy enough card cover.All for the measley price of 1 lonesone squid.
It`ll be available in Sub City and the shop on Crow St and the ComicCast lads will be reviewing it soon,hopefully.

Also,I`m on Facebook now!Add the fuck out of me,if you so wish.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Knocked this out on the Wacom yesterday.I like the colours but I honestly don`t know why I felt the urge to draw a giant monster-bird in a city(?),but ah well.
And I only have three pages left to go in my new "Waiting Room" comic so it should be finished in the next week or so.
Also,I have a new follower:Will Sliney!Chances are if you`re reading my blog you know a bit about Irish comics already so you probably know who Will is.If you don`t check out the links and check out his supersmooth art.Cheers,Will!

anyhoo,laffs a plenty in this weird kid`s video

Friday, July 17, 2009


S`true.The ComicCast birthday thing is on tonight.
It promises to be deadly but I can`t make it,one reason being that the yoke starts at 9 and the Twisted Pepper probably wouldn`t let me in because I`m still a manboy and not a manman.
Then again,they ARE letting Dec in,and he`s a ladyboy....

But I`m not going to be sitting in a pool of my salty tears tonight because Liam Geraghty is sending me one of the free comics that he and Phil Barret cooked up for the night.

Anyhoo,its free in before 11.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Here`s a little headshot of character I was thinking of using in a kind of picture book with a twisted slant.

I`ve kinda dumped that idea because:
a)it`s harder than I thought.
b)Ronan Kennedy already beat me to it,in a way.His new picture book,"What Is It?"is feckin class and my wee "Rush Harris Adventure Book" would look depressingly crap beside it.
But,who knows,I might well find myself doing it as a comic instead of a picture book in the future.

In other news,that Summer Edition yoke this year was class.It`s where I picked up "What Is It?"(I don`t know if Ronan`s gonna sell a few copies through the comic shops or whether it was just an Edition special)as well as a few other goodies.
Although,I did get a larf a few days back when I clicked on my name in the "link" section of the Edition Arts site,and it led to the blog of another bloke called Luke F talking about his guitar!I don`t mind,though,since I put this blog address on all of my books and stuff so anyone who`s interested should find me easily enough.

Also,I`m three pages in with my new comic,Waiting Room,which should be out before the end of Summer.I know I used the name in a story in LFC#1 but that one was shite and this one has a different story.It`s what the original Waiting Room should have been.Waiting Room 2.0,if you will.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here`s just a little sketch I was knocking away at on the computer.Everytime I`ve ever set foot in a pub,there`s always without fail an aul lad like this somewhere...

Also I probably won`t get a chance to post again before this weekend so just a quick reminder that "Summer Edition 09" is on this Saturday at the Filmbase in Temple Bar.
It`s free in so if you`re around Dublin pop your head in.
It`s also run by three of the soundest people in Irish comics(not me,I`m a prick)
Phil Barrett,Paddy Lynch and Katie Blackwood.


Also,I have a follower!And not just any follower but Aidan Courtney who put together RiRĂ¡,an Irish language comic anthology with work by Bob Byrne,Alan Nolan and Dec Shalvey.
I remember a few weeks before the Summer break,I saw a copy of the RiRĂ¡ sample ish on the desk of my maths teacher!

Cheers Aidan!

Monday, June 29, 2009



Stephen Mooney,nice man that he is,posted up a sketch of #24 that I sent him on to the Eclectric Micks blog!
Check it out now before he comes to his senses and takes it back down!


Oh,and if you`re not already watching The Venture Bros(where #24 comes from)then START!

Also,I think it might well be the biggest exposure of one of my doodles...the Micks blog has about 60 followers,and I`d imagine there are a fair few people who aren`t "followers" but still check in regularly.
My blog certainly doesn`t have 60 steady readers(I`d imagine there`s about two,including me)and the most I`ve ever printed of my work is 60 copies of Tweet and I still have most of them in my room.
So,I`m pretty sure that Mooney just put my work in front of more people than I ever could`ve.
So,thanks again,Moonman!

Also,I think(I may be wrong)that it`s the first non-Micks doodle that`s been posted there!Sweet Jeeezuz

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Here`s how!

1.Fist off,I drew the character(not a thing I usually do,normally I draw the stuff farthest back first when I`m using the computer)using GIMP and the Wacom.I really like how the shirt came out.

2.Then I went into Paint(yes,Paint.I know,Iknow)and added some black spaces.You`ll see why later.

3.Back to GIMP.I turn those "black spaces" into "buildings" by drawing bricks(very loose bricks)and adding some white spaces to act as windows.

4.Back to Paint(I know,I know)to make those white spaces look somewhat like windows instead of plain white boxes.

5.Add text in GIMP.

And that`s it from start to finish.About an hour and a half`s work.
I also wanted to be a bit looser and cartoony in this piece after reading Perramus by Alberto Breccia(sent to me by Matt "D`Israeli" Brooker,along with a load of extra goodies!Cheers,Matt).

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Nasty Nazi Nick Griffin of BNP fame was pelted with eggs and started crying.

I`ll just leave these here...


Howdy podnahs.

The 2D Festival up in Derry was feckin class as always.Got to meet up with Will Sliney(there`s a link in the coloumn over there ->) for the first time in near enough two years!If you come across a copy of Farscape anywhere,snap it up.Will is really pulling off some great stuff recently.

I managed to shift a fair few copies of "Tweet" after a slow enough start.There was a lot of interest in the aul` portfolio I had as well.I was even asked to do a few sketches which was surreal to say the least...(Didn`t even think of getting a photo of any of them cos I`m a plank)

I also got to catch up a bit with Matt Brooker(AKA,D`Israeli).He`s sending me some fantastic comics by Alberto Breccia and I can`t wait to get my grubby little hands on them!
Also,I was sitting next to comics legend Bryan Talbot!

In other news,I assume everyone has heard by now that Bob Byrne is fecking off to Spain for the foreseeable future?Fair play to him I suppose...
...the lucky bastard.

Anyhoo,I`m hoping to have some stickers of the "Love comics.Hate racism" design done for this yoke on the 4th of July in Temple Bar.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Arghh.This sort of ran into a deadend,so here`s a few of the frames of the never-to-be-finished Bigfoot animation yoke I mentioned a while back.I`m working on a new one(no Bigfoot in this one)I`m hoping to have finished for the ComicCast`s birthday sometime in July.

(the frames should be read from bottom to top)

Friday, May 8, 2009


check out the latest installment of Spazzmoid,Bob Byrne`s fantastic webcomic,to see my little rendition of everyones favourite spermy uncle.

Also,I drew the other piece here as a panel for a new comic which should be out soon.That is,if the story I had laid out wasn`t EXACTLY like Last Bus by Paddy Lynch!So that`s been scrapped,but I have a fair few ideas rattling around in the aul` brain box...

Speaking of Paddy Lynch,I stumbled upon him,Phil Barret,Katie Blackwood,Ronan Kennedy and Bobby Byrne himself eating couscous and playing Scrabble at the Black Market in the Seomra Spraoi last Sunday.Business seemed to be steady enough and there was plenty of interested folk having a gawk at the goods.

It`s always great to see comics getting into the hands of people who wouldn`t normally go into comic shops or conventions.Also Paddy,Phil and Katie are getting a small press yoke in Temple Bar together for July.It sounds pretty class.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


`Ello,`ello,`ello. My internet connection was gone for a few days so I haven`t had a
chance to post this until now.

Also,check out the latest Comic Cast(there`s a link on the side)and the review of Tweet.
In short they liked it but funnily enough,preferred Luke F Comics#1!
I`ll never understand it,I well and truly hate LFC#1 now.Ah well,"diff`rent strokes for diff`rent folks"

Saturday, April 18, 2009


It`s out now in SubCity and the shop on Crow St.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Chances are you`ve never heard of Vince or Billy Mays before.
I didn`t either until this afternoon,when I came across a video of a(very sleazy)man called Vince selling products called Sham-Wows and The Slap-Chop.

Apart from the odd "durty" yuk ("You`re gonna love my nuts")it wasn`t too extraordinary.But then I saw THIS:

Needless to say I was mortified.Then I heard this:

Then,with my mind already blown:

And sweet Holy Moses,Vince has even brainwashed the Homo(Look at Bob"clamnuts"Byrne`s latest post if you don`t get that) kid!

"Tweet" is very nearly finished and I think anyone who bought Luke F Comics #1 is in for a big surprise.The artwork is lightyears ahead of LFC#1 and the storytelling is a whole shitload better as well.
Plus it`s going to be a measly Euro and fiddy cents!
See you on the flipside bitches!

Monday, March 30, 2009


This where the shit`s at,you dig?

My favourite lines?
"My parents can be mean/But mostly nice/When I ask for a drink/They give it ice."

Check out the other two videos as well for a larf and a harf.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


...New Internet Sensation,SPENCERNATION!

This is gonna be BIG,trust me.

The aul scanners still dodgy so I can`t show you any pages from my new book,"Tweet",which should be out next month but will definitely be out for Derry in June.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Mweh,this isn`t too great at all(a tad too Chris Ware-ish,but shite).

And I know this is and not,so I`ll try and put some new comic pages up soon from a new small comic I`m knocking out at the moment but my scanners banjaxed.

and by the way:Happy Paddy`s Day,Pixieheads*

*(if you`ve seen some Apres Match,you`ll prolly get that)

P.S:click on the pic for a higher resolution

Saturday, February 28, 2009


here`s a sneak peek at a little animated short I`m doing at the moment for a bit of a larf.

Don`t expect to much,though.Walt Disney I ain`t!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Check it muthas,

I knocked out the new header in 15 mins with the Wacom.Wasn`t really all that happy with the old one.

Anyhoo,I`ve another comic in the works right now.It`s only a little yoke like Luke F Comics #1 (but MUCH MUCH better than LFC#1,in that it`s not,y`know completely shit...)and I`m hoping to have it ready to go for the 2D Festival in Derry this June.

Also,I`ve been messing around with using monsters and such in illustrations.It`s my own lazy fallback for illos:If you want the reader to instantly get that someone(or something)is a horrible prick,all you have to do is caricturise them as monsters or hideous.Newspaper cartoons used to do it all the time when talking about politicians and the like.
Just look at this post`s illustration to catch my drift(it`s about that sham of a budget,if you live in a cave).

Sunday, February 1, 2009


The last Irish International Brigadier.He fought in the Spanish civil war to try and smash the fascists.

"They came to stand beside the Spanish people,
To try and stem the rising fascist tide,
Franco`s allies were the powerful and wealthy,
Frank Ryan`s men came from the other side."
-"Viva La Quinta Brigada" Christy Moore.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


...generic(and not very imaginative at all)illustration?
I honestly thought I was the dog`s bollocks after doing this...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Legendary Irish comedy writer Graham Linehan(Father Ted,I.T Crowd,Black Books)hits that poor ol`nail on the head once again.Link

Monday, January 12, 2009


I haven`t really posted anything arty in quite a while and there`s been an awful lot of political stuff as well,so here`s the last political thing I`ll say for a while:

Why does the fact Palestine is being bombed by Israel give people the go-ahead for all sorts of Anti-Semetic nonsense?It`s impossible to go anywhere without hearing something that could have been lifted from the "Protocols of The Elders of Zion".

I have no love for Israel,but it`s not the average jew firing rockets at schools,it`s the filth in command.

And I can`t stand that Hamas are now being seen as some kind of freedom-fighters.They`re
homophobic,sexist anti-semitist fundamentallist bigots(and I don`t mean the average Palestinian when I say that,by the way)