Sunday, December 21, 2008


I try to keep politics out of my comics and blog as much as I can but this story really made me angry beyond words.

In Greece this month,police shot an unarmed 15 year old boy called Alexandros Grigoropoulos down in the street.Riots have been raging in Greece and around the world since with the occupation of schools and TV stations by ordinary people and students angered by the murder of a youth by police.

There was a demonstration in town on Saturday that I was at with the sign I made(that I`m holding in the picture)which reads "Remember Alexandros.Stop State Killing!".

And sad to say,this is not an isolated incident.

In Ireland alone there`s a long list of people who`ve died in Garda custody (The mysterious death of Terence Wheelock being the most controversial in recent years) which when coupled with the shocking brutality on display daily in Rossport by the GardaĆ­ doesn`t paint a happy picture of the "protectors of the people"...
check out the Occupied London Blog for more info.


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