Saturday, September 20, 2008


I`m really sorry for all the artless posts of late,but I`ve been working really hard on a new project that will probably take me a few years realistically because of school and also because if I do it as it is in my head it`ll be a bigass book...
I won`t say what it`s about yet,but it`ll be a really affecting piece if I get it across right,especially if you live in the same kind of area I do.

Also,if you have TG4 you should be checking out "Daithí O Sé Ar Route 61".
I know what most people are thinking when they hear TG4,a bunch of sour old boggers sitting around playing the accordian and maybe some hilariously bad dubbing jobs(hide your face in shame,SpongeBob)but this show is really fantastic.It`s like Louis Thearoux with a bit of Irish wit.It replays on Saturday nights at 11.15 and I think there`s a new one every Wedensday(maybe Monday,I`m really not too certain)at 9.00pm.

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