Sunday, July 20, 2008


I got some new pens and inks about a week ago,and I tried to do something loose and experimental with them and I came up with this incredibly crap and tame piece...who`d a thunk it?

ah well,Alberto Breccia I ain`t.

I cleaned it up for a B+W version I did by feckin around with it in photoshop but I thought I`d put up the original dirty one because there`s a chance the clean one might be used in a comics zine,so I didn`t want to put it up here because if it comes out I want you to buy it!


Kev said...

thanks for the kind words dude, this is a cool piece, photoshop is tough and drives me crazy but cool to mess about in! Best of luck with the comic zine!

Clamnut Comix said...

LOVE IT. Nice and scruffy. Like my bird

Marco Roblin said...

A nice cover for your sketchbook! None of us is Breccia...sad but true!
Have fun Luke!

luke f said...

Kev,no probs with the comment.there`s some deadly stuff on your blog.


Marco,cheers!I know,some day I`ll have to accept none of us is Breccia.sigh