Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I had a busy weekend starting with friday when I got to talk to Marty Whelan(yer man with the moustache on RTÉ... )as he was opening or hosting something or other at my local Supervalue.
Then on saturday Declan Shalvey was sketching at Liffey Valley so I went up and saw the Batman film as well.And finally on the sunday went to the Kings of Concrete thing in town.I was wrecked!

Did some more stuff on my wacom like re-doing the batman/twoface pic from aaaages ago.And drawing a simpleton,as you can see above,because I wasn`t bothered to do alot of physical ink-on-paper drawing.although I did do another page of "waiting room",the cover and an unrelated pin-up by hand within the last week,so I happy enough.

Speaking of simpletons did anyone see that moron of a ref at the Drogheda vs Dynamo Kiev game?Kiev were diving all around the place in the first half and the ref kept giving them free was because of one of those free kicks that Dynamo got their first goal!I`m not the biggest Drogheda fan(I`m a St.Pats supporter)but when an Irish team is playing for Europe I`d support any club.Except Shamrock Rovers.They`re bastards.

well anyhoo,I hope the fact Dynamo Kiev(one of the top teams in the world) only slenderly(2-1) won against an Irish eircom league team shuts up all the wankers in this country that support English clubs because "the quality isn`t good enough in Ireland".There are teams all around Ireland being bankrupted because some people would rather watch some wanker like Ronaldo rather than seeing some top-class Irish players like Keith Fahey and Joe Gamble,of the top of my head.I mean it`s all well and good supporting English teams if you want,but at least try and support your local team.Except Shamrock Rovers.They`re bastards.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I got some new pens and inks about a week ago,and I tried to do something loose and experimental with them and I came up with this incredibly crap and tame piece...who`d a thunk it?

ah well,Alberto Breccia I ain`t.

I cleaned it up for a B+W version I did by feckin around with it in photoshop but I thought I`d put up the original dirty one because there`s a chance the clean one might be used in a comics zine,so I didn`t want to put it up here because if it comes out I want you to buy it!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Well here`s the first page of story I`m doing(well trying to do.In between eating pot noodle and playing "bloons" on the web) for a comic I`m trying to have finished and on sale before the end of summer,Well that might be a stretch because I only have two pages and the cover done...,if I ever finish it at all!