Monday, June 30, 2008


I have the wacom for about three months or something now,but I`ve only really been using it as a way to plot out pages and to touch up photo`s so there was nothing really to show up until now.

Here`s a little bit I did with the Wacom Bamboo as a backdrop to the text.I love just doing stuff like this where there`s no real reason for doing it.It`s really nice to be able to go through the fonts and stuff you have and to see them in practical use without the burden of having to size it out to be photocopied or whatever.Like sometimes I just draw a comic for the sake of drawing one,which really gives you more room to be as sketchy and loose as you like.

And also I got a dvd of the infamous unreleased Fantastic Four film from the nineties in the post today.I`ve always been interested in those "dodgy science and dodgier special effects"
films,but throw in the fact that it`s an unreleased superhero movie and I`m sold!well anyway it follows the basic plot of the 2005 one but there`s a kind of Moleman character in there as well,and funnily enough,I think the nineties one got the feeling of Dr.Doom way better than the new one ...

It`s hilariously shit but I`ve been looking for it ever since I heard about it a year or so ago,so it`s a fanboy dream fulfilled for me.


Liam said...

We're currently sweating it out waiting for our copy of the 1994 Fantastic 4 movie to arrive at the Comic Cast postbox!!

Cheers for poppin in and sayin at Hi at the launch.

luke f said...

haha.believe me,the wait is worth it for this cheese-fest!
the launch was deadly.and for anyone reading this check out the comic cast Liam mentioned.
it`s brillo-pads