Sunday, April 27, 2008


Again,sorry for the long gap but school takes first place in priorities,nowadays.

Well anyway here`s a few sketches I did this morning before watching the Celtic vs Rangers game(3-2 to Celtic.Whoo!)

anyway the one on the top corner is a self-portrait and then there`s a random man just to flex the aul sketching hand,after him there`s a zombie.And lastly there`s a random old fart.

And also,you may have noticed the new header as well.

Enjoy!(And I`ll probably put some inks to these just so they`re clearer to see,and also because I haven`t inked anything in quite a while.)

P.S:I ordered a wacom bamboo!Can`t wait!


Uiscebot said...

that's great stuff! The header is the biz!

luke f said...

I really like the heading(it was originally in the opposite colours,i.e where it`s black it was white,but I thought it looked shite so I changed it.)
Glad you liked the sketches

Clamnuts said...

great stuff man

luke f said...


ztoical said...

hey luke just wandering over from Bob's blog to say I'm pretty impressed you've heard of world war three - for most of the comic heads in this country if it doesn't have marvel or DC printed on it they don't want to know.

Paul said...

Why are there no inked, or wacom bamboo sketches coming up. The last one was the 24hour comic you drew (even though it only took me 9 hours and you 9 and a half)

luke f said...

you`re right there cliodhna,its all well and good bitchin about civil war or 52 or whatever but the aul smallpress is important as well.
paul,yep I`m a lazy bastard all right.
how do you remember the exact times?and the 24 hour comic wasn`t inked(well you half-inked it).
You`re mouth is full of wrong!