Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I was bored and so I whipped out my sketchpad and pencil and got crackin!

First I drew a Spiderman I`m really happy with and then a retro Ironman.Yep that`s right,retro.None o` that hi-tech crap for me!

also check out this link if you`re looking for a larf and a harf:


Dec said...

hey Luke,

I notice you leave a lot of white space in your sketches, ie, a small drawing in the middle of a big page. Fill the pages up more with either bigger sketches and/or more small ones. It makes for a much more interesting sketchbook.

Keep it up!


luke f said...

the reason for that is that when i do a halfdecent sketch i`m worried about messing up the whole page if i do some crap ones beside it.but yeah i`ll definitly try to squees more pencil-spewed goodness on each page in the future.
cheers Dec!