Friday, March 21, 2008


I drew this as a rough version of the cover for the aforementioned kraken comic.
This is a very very rough version that took me about three minutes in all.
I like the way this turned out and I think it suits the feel of the comic down to the ground.I`ll post more as I do `em.


paddy said...

Hey Luke!

Thanks for the kind words about my comic and thanks a million for picking it up! Liking your stuff here, kinda reminds me of some of Anders Nilsens artwork. Dunno if its the type of stuff you're into but I love it.

Talk to ya later dude


luke f said...

sound stuff Paddy!
I`ve always been into stuff like jeffery brown and that kind of simple stuff.never heard of Anders Nilsen though. but I checked out some of his stuff there and it`s deadly.Cheers for the comment!