Monday, December 3, 2007


Nearly finished my second sketchbook(the one which holds all the sketches I`v put up here)and thought I`d put up the last two I`v done.

I really owe Dec as he`s been hounding me to draw faces and I think I`v developed more as an "artist"because of it.Cheers Dec!

the first sketch is a boxer showin a punchbag who`s boss and the second is someone being shot in the head.(they look smoother in real-life its just the scanner isn`t too kind to pencil...)

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Anonymous said...

Where are you going with this? Do you want to keep the simple style or start putting textures in? I.E. the feel of the leather against the canvas of the bag ? Do you want dynamism, how to show the vibration of the struck object, the jarring up the muscel groups of the boxer ? Its a good start.
The guy gettng shot in the head reeminds me of the Vietnam incident, highly publicised at the time, the abject horror of the victim, the determinded ruthlessness of the protagonist, he held his arm ramrod straight. Pencil is fine you might finish with harsher ink blacks, or ink the background ? If small black areas, felt tip or gel pen, large areas China black ink washes, it can give you delicate effects if you deem going up in ambition and showing an envoirment, the boxing gym, the execution in a cell or on the street. Keep going.