Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It has been quite awhile since my last post sorry about that.(as if anyone reads this anyway)

well anyway had a great time at the Dublin City Comic thing and also got V For Vendetta signed just yesterday by David Lloyd(don`t think I spelled that right...)

I`v been working on a number of styles for drawing faces and here`s a sample

and also I`m working on drawing and inking a small story I`m working on.First installment all inked and lettered and all! there`s the first page of it shown step by step...


Marco Roblin said...

There's something here...!
Good one Luke!

Dec said...

Yay! Faces. More o' that please!

luke f said...

cheers marco!I really love the stuff on your blog so its great to have you commenting man!
thanks dec,I`m working away on the faces so stay tuned!

Paul said...

Ye thats great. Keep it up man.

luke f said...

how DARE you use "man" on my respectable weblog!
A stint in Nam would sort you out you no good hippie!