Sunday, October 21, 2007


24 hour comic day was deadly.i didn`t stay for the full 24 hours but i got the whole comic finished in 6 or 7 hours or something like that(cos i`m brilliant)

had a great time and would reccomend it to everyone.a fun relaxed atmosphere and mainly,twas a bit of craic.

got talkin to bob byrne for the last half hour to hour,exchanging jokes such as the infamous "choccie biccie"and the like.

i went with a fellow called paul from my class(the one that drew the filthy pic of dec at subcon)who`s comic was class.

and a big shoutout and thanks to Cliodhna for setting it all up.Cheers,Cliodhna!

not bothered to upload all the comic yet,so here`s a 2 of my favourite pages and my with it.


luke f said...

the first page you see is page 9
and the 2nd is page 16
in case you were wondering

Paul said...

He-he-he.Ill be scanning a few of my favorite parts of my comic on bebo. Or maybe a whole album for it. Ah well. Ill do something.

paul said...

Oh by the way. YUMMERS

Moondog said...

Yummers! Damn kids....

luke f said...

its a legitimate word!
but seriosly thanks for the comment,mooney!
oh and me and paul are your future doctors and politicians and the like...
your FUCKED!

PAUL said...

Thats right so if you want to live emigrate now. NOW. And the yummers thing is LEDGE

Dec said...

I agree with Mooney. Damn kids indeed, with your contemporary words and youthful energy. I'm spiteful towards you all.

Fair play for doin the 24 hr comics thing by the way lads.

luke f said...

thanks dec!
yummers and ledge are legitimate words.
and what do ya mean"young"?
i served in Nam!
no good whippersnapper bastards...